Hydrogen Water Dispenser Market 2020


  • hydrogen water dispenser is a machine that adds extra hydrogen molecules in water to increase the health benefits of water. Hydrogen molecules act as antioxidants and help water to neutralize free radicals which are responsible for diseases, inflammation, and aging. Regular water contains fewer hydrogen molecules in a free state. An increase in hydrogen concentration in water helps to deal with several health issues such as diabetes, hardening of heart vessels, and Alzheimer’s.
  • Growing air and water pollution, and health-related problems are encouraging people to shift to products which offer some extra health benefits. Increasing awareness about hydrogen water benefits is boosting the demand for hydrogen water dispensers. Demand for the product is increasing from the commercial sector as hotels, restaurants, and hospitals prefer hydrogen water dispensers. These factors are expected to lead to significant growth of the hydrogen water dispenser market in the coming years.
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Key Drivers of the Global Hydrogen Water Dispenser Market

  • Hydrogen water is an antioxidant and has anti-aging properties. Growing awareness about these health benefits is encouraging consumers to shift to hydrogen water. Several hospitals and clinics prefer to give hydrogen water to their patients to improve their health. Increasing advertisement and branding of hydrogen water dispensers in developed countries also helps manufacturers to increase their customer base.
  • Technological advancement in the product is an encouraging factor for the growth of the hydrogen water dispenser market. Manufacturers are focusing on product development by increasing investment in R&D to enhance the product’s features and improve product efficiency. Growing disposable income in emerging economies is also a positive growth factor for the hydrogen water dispenser market. Increasing demand for safe and healthy products across the globe is the major trend in the hydrogen water dispenser market.

Hydrogen Water Dispenser Market Anticipated to Create Attractive Opportunities in Future

  • Untapped markets in several emerging countries across Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa, and increasing income boosting the purchasing power and standard of living of people are expected to influence the market demand for hydrogen water dispensers positively. Increasing availability of healthcare services and economic development is anticipated to create lucrative opportunities for hydrogen water dispenser manufacturers in the coming years.

High Product Cost Expected to Hinder the Overall Hydrogen Water Dispenser Market

  • High cost of the product is a major obstacle to growth in the hydrogen water dispenser market. Hydrogen water dispensers are unaffordable for middle class people.  This factor is anticipated to adversely influence the market during the forecast period.

North America and Europe anticipated dominating the Global Hydrogen Water Dispenser Market

  • North America holds major share in the global hydrogen water dispenser market followed by Europe. Presence of several major brands and increasing product awareness are the major driving factors in these regions. However, several countries in Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa are showing enhanced demand for hydrogen water dispensers in recent years and are expected to retain a significant growth rate in the coming years. Rising purchasing power of consumers is the major influencing factor in these regions.
  • Leading brands in the hydrogen water dispenser market are focusing on online distribution channels to reach out to customers across different regions. Companies also use retail stores and direct sales for business expansion. These factors are also expected to increase the product sales in future.

Key Players Operating in the Global Market

The global hydrogen water dispenser market is highly concentrated across major manufacturers who account for around 20%–25% share of the overall hydrogen water dispenser market. A few of the key manufacturers operating in the global hydrogen water dispenser market are:
  • 1HydroNation
  • Alkaline Water Plus
  • AlkaWay
  • ARUI Corporation
  • Bawell
  • Brondell
  • Gosoit
  • Kemp Trading
  • Life Ionizers
  • Lourdes


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