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Just so that we are on the same page, a skin specialist is a dermatologist if he holds a professional medical degree with further post-graduate training in skin diseases. We wouldn't call someone working at a spa a skin specialist though, but if you have a skin related problem and has not been well managed by a general practitioner, you may wish to be referred to a skin specialist or dermatologist.

We have also commonly seen the keyword search phrase such as 'best skin specialist in Klang Valley' in our back-end analytics. However, we are not in the position to rank the skin specialists as we do not have the right validated system in place. Furthermore, your skin problem may be unique to you and the complexity of the problem will not allow a 'one size fits all' solution but a rather personalized approach in coming out with the best solution in your best interest. 

We have searched around the internet and have compiled the following relevant reviews in order to facilitate your research for the 'best skin specialist in KL or Klang Valley' in one place. Do go through them in order to short-list your skin specialists further. Here's the list in no particular order.

Skin Specialists (Dermatologists) in Kuala Lumpur (KL) | Reviews

Sep 2013 - I'm looking for skin specialist. I call with very simple question with quite broken English, so that I looked like an average people...

Aug 2013 - I don’t remember when it started but initially it begin with 2-3 innocent pimples that refuses to go away and then the others start popping up...

Aug 2012 - Welcome to the second part of Dr Ting’s review. Review about his products & services to be precise. So, this post I’m gonna do review on the pills & products that I got 2 weeks ago. Yes. Exactly 2 weeks ago. On Saturday. Check out the following:...

Aug 2012 - As I promised in earlier post, I will be sharing my solution to defeat my worst enemy ever, ACNE! I’ve been battling with acne on my face for 10 years. 10 FREAKING YEARS! How on earth did I manage to survived that long? No. I did break down back then. Felt that I can’t or I don’t belong here, in this world. Oh. How sad....

Aug 2012 - Before I start sharing my journey and experience with him, let me tell you how I came about collaborating with him. Ever since my acne outburst in high school,...

Aug 2011 - have u tried christina? from taipan usj one? … Hi, no i haven't but i have read up on her also. Sounds like a good doc. Im staying in Ampang/ cheras area, so it's kinda far for me to go. But if in the end i have no options, i will go and try her...

Jul 2011 - i tried retin-a last year after some cosmetics problem; the problem went fr worse to worst; then i read that to benefit from retin-a, we have to withstand this period,… but after one month, i can't take it anymore …- it gave me ALOT of scars (those dark marks, which i am trying hard to get rid), stopped retin-a completely, and it then slowly improved.....

Jun 2011 - i personally went to jalan tengku abdul rahman there, near bus stop, there is a specialist clinic DR NOH..really nice DR..i'm a pharmacy student so i know what type of medicine he supplied to me, it works for me, no more severe pimples, just maybe 1 pimple / month LOL sometime no at all just like now...

Jun 2011 - you guys can try Dr. Sachdev from Sachdev Skin Clinic, location is somewhere near Masjid Jamek, in Wisma Gucharan. Simply the best, he's cheap, and medicine prescribed is good as well, the last time I went to another Dr. that gave me same medicine and saw me for 5min that cost me about RM450, and Sachdev is less than RM100. Its hard to find really good dermatologist nowdays.

Feb 2011 - All in all, I've had 3 trips to Dr Ting, my last time was in Feb 2011, when the breakout hits again. Like the first time, it takes two weeks for me to feel the difference (my acne stops growing and new one starts to lessen). This time I really (try) to stick to the pill routine and use all the external creams properly, and boy it made all the difference! 

Jan 2011 - I just went to Klinik Pakar Kulit Md Noh. All i can say is I'm terribly dissapointed with tye service. I have few questions but everytime he finish answering one he would say bye and quickly looking at the next patient card.

Reference: Reviews of Dermatologists in Kuala Lumpur (KL)

We have compiled a list of skin specialists who are registered with the National Specialist Register of Malaysia, categorized by major cities or states. Please feel free to choose the right skin specialist or dermatologist based on your location -


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